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    I am a French Art Director and Designer living between Lille and Paris. I have a Master's Degree in visual communication and design at ECV Nord-Europe. I'm currently self employed and always looking for more work and collaboration. I'm always evolving between the analog and digital way of thinking. My main scopes are editorial design, branding and webdesign.


    Looking for a job.


    For any enquiries contact me antonin.breton0@gmail.com

    or just follow @instagram @behance


    2012 - 2017 ECV Creative Schools & Community



    2016 - The Last Magazine / Berger&Wild - New-York, USA

    2015 - Univers Poche Paris - Paris, France

    2011 - GMA (Architecture Design) - Lens, France



    Calligraphy - Paul Shaw @Type Directors Club, New York

    Experiment with gender - Katie Fechtmann & Marie Saarbach

    Type design - Guerilla Grafik

    Editorial design - Tomi Vollauschek (Fl@33)

    Story Telling - Eric Castannet

    Branding - Chicago Architecture Foundation & Canon Design



    Suite Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Muse...)




    Adobe Indesign - L'échec - 03/11/17

    Student Show - L'échec - 18/10/17

    Graphic design - L'échec - 30/09/17

    Interaction, Ui/Ux - A.P.C. Webdesign - 06/06/16



    Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Cap Vert, Milan, Venise, Berlin, London, Senegal, Mexico, Amsterdam, ...



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